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Reverse Due Date Calc – Homestead Realty – Reverse Due Date Calculator. This extremely popular conception date calculator will calculate what date and day of the week your baby was conceived on based on your pregnancy due date. Also includes estimated dates for the missed menstrual period and for the range of days the pregnancy-causing "event" likely occurred within.

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Pregnancy Countdown Calculator with Meter and Printable Calendar – Pregnancy Countdown Calculator. This free online pregnancy countdown Calculator will tell you how far along you are and how long you have left, in days, weeks, and months. The calculator also generates a due date countdown meter and a printable calendar containing days along and days left in each date cell.

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Reverse Due Date Calculator to Calculate Conception Date – Reverse Due Date Calculator. Also includes estimated dates for the missed menstrual period and for the range of days the pregnancy-causing "event" likely occurred within. Plus, you can also select any birth date — meaning you can calculate conception dates for yourself and others.

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Due Date Calculator – Mama Natural – An estimated due date (EDD) is a "best guess" as to when baby might be born based on a due date calculator like this one. However, only 4% of babies are born on their due date! Whereas 80% of babies are born within the window of two weeks before and two weeks after your due date calculator results. (See "due month" section below.)

Reverse Pregnancy Due Date Calculator: Calculate the Date of. – Due Dates. As you may have heard, due dates are rarely accurate and can fluctuate wildly. While some women deliver very close to (or even on) their due dates, others will experience premature childbirth (delivery at 37 weeks or earlier) or find themselves waiting for days or even weeks after their projected due dates for contractions to begin.

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