Reamortize Definition

 · ”Zero Amortization” is a different way of describing an interest-only loan. A normal home mortgage amortizes, which is to say that each payment includes both interest AND partial payment of the loan balance. So, a $100,000 loan at 5% for 30 years.

Definition of amortize: see amortization. – Online Investing Glossary. amortize

 · There is a little controversy related to accounting for deferred financing costs. On one hand, these costs don’t appear to provide future benefits, and thus, they should not be recorded as assets and should be expensed when incurred.

Definition of amortize: see amortization. – Online Investing Glossary. amortize

TSP Loans: Reamortizing Your Loan. Reamortizing your loan means that you can adjust the terms of your loan to change the loan payment amount or to shorten or lengthen the loan term. You may do so as long as you do not exceed the maximum term limit for your particular type of loan. You cannot change the interest rate you pay on your loan.

Presuppose Meaning An example that is happening often now: A borrower cannot make payments on a mortgage. It’s a 30 year ARM. The borrower has paid for two years, with 28 remaining. Rather than letting the borrower fall into foreclosure, the lender might re-amortize the loan as a 40 year fixed rate loan, adding unpaid payments to the principle as this happens.

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